Baby Call Me Names

from by Christian Brown



I try so hard not to ever offend you. But sometimes you deserve an insult or two. 'Cause you can be such a bitch but I won't ever tell you. 'Cause I'm too afraid I'd lose you tonight if I did, but I know I'm just too uptight.

That's why I love it when you call me names. So baby, tell me I'm a dick 'cause I can get that way. This suit and tie that I wear drives me crazy, so baby, call me names. The things you say make me feel incredible. But now the pedestal that you've got me on has grown so tall that if I slipped and were to fall I'd break my back and die when I hit the ground. So baby, please do something to bring me down.

You can be such a bitch girl, I gotta tell you. And I hope you got something bad to say to me too. 'Cause you can be such a bitch but I love that about you. So lighten up and call me names.


from When It's Perfect, released December 18, 2007



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Christian Brown Tampa, Florida

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